Security is incorporated into all of our products by design.
Every single component that is used to build our products is very carefully selected. Only the highest graded security certified components are used. We take the fact that our customers trust us to protect all the access points to and from their home, very seriously.
  • All our  Doors are fitted with the highest Standard Hook lock as standard.
  • Our standard locks have multiple CAM and Hook points as well as the central Handle lock.

  • The figure on the right is a single hook from the Lock. For security reasons we will refrain from showing the full lock and its mechanism


Int Glazed


  • All  Products are internally glazed. This provides extra security as the glass can not be removed from the outside.
  •  The internal gaskets also provide low sightlines and complete draught proofing.

  • Shootbolts are another standard feature on all of our doors.
  •  Shootbolts provide yet another locking point. This is achieved by driving a rod deep into the outerframe and its reinforcing.
  •  The figure on the right shows a single Shootbolt. This is automatically engaged when the handle is in the locked position



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