Nordic Pine / Hardwood

We stock a wide range of styles of Nordic Pine external doors. Below are a couple of the most popular designs

The Classic Door


Outwards opening external door with a 50 mm
wooden sash and wooden panels or profile
blanking. This type of door is suitable to be used
in renovated buildings. Often it is also used as
an internal corridor door. The CLASSICAL type door is
available in pine, oak, or meranti.

Product Features:
_ opens outwards
_ different glazing possibilities
_ optional arched horizontal upper doorpost with glazing
_ variety of Scandinavian and DIN locks
_ security hinges with height and width adjustments
_ hardwood threshold
_ thickness of the door leaf 50 mm
_ excellent choice for country houses
_custom made according to customer specifications

The Flush Door

The most common type of external door. Customers can
choose between painted FLUSH doors and doors with
natural veneers. Advanced CNC technology can be used
to create a variety of complex patterns, glazes, and designs.

Product Features:
_ opens either outwards or inwards
_ modern design, variety of styles
_ milled surface patterns
_ special custom glazing patterns
_ double gasket system
_ security hinges with height and width adjustments
_ thickness of door leaf 60 mm
_ custom-made according to customer specifications

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